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Building AI that enables Solar Companies to reduce penalties and maximise energy trading

Our Mission

To be the ultimate forecasting tool of every clean energy project

This Is The Way!


Through battles and challenges, our resilience fuels our triumphs.


Together, as a clan, we achieve the impossible.


Pushing the boundaries of possibility, innovation is our weapon of choice.


With unwavering precision, our forecasts strike true, shaping destinies.


Preserving the Force within our planet, we light the way to a sustainable Earth.


Guided by honor, we forge a legacy that will usher the planet into a brighter future.

Meet Our Team

Powered by a dedicated team of industry experts, data scientists, engineers, and renewable energy enthusiasts.

Bhramar Choudhary

Co-Founder & CTO

Ravi Choudhary

Co-Founder & CEO

Haider Abbas

Co-Founder & COO

Our Advisors

Janak Agrawal

ML AutoGrid US || MIT

Dr. Vikram Singh

Prof IIT Delhi || Cornell

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You’re in good company

Leading names in the industry are reducing their penalties with

“ unlocks the value of forecasts, empowering decision-makers to seamlessly build, manage, and automate operational workflows with unrivaled precision.“

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Prof. Vikram Singh
Advisor, Renewable Visionary @IIT Delhi

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